Current Studies

Title: FOSTER-1 - Comparison of two formulations of beclometasone/formoterol pMDI on respiratory system impedance using impulse oscillometry in asthmatic patients

Description:  The aim of the study is to compare two formulations of Fostair®.  We will be looking at the effect of the two medications on breathing tests, asthma control questionnaires and blood tests.  The main focus of the study is the impact of these two inhalers on a specific type of breathing test called impulse oscillometry (a gentle breathing test) and on a specific blood test called a pharmacokinetic profile (a blood test looking at what the body does to the drug).

Entry Requirement:  

  • Current non-smoker or ex-smokers who stopped more than 1 year ago
  • Male or female aged 18 or above with a diagnosis of persistent asthma for at least 6 months
  • Further breathing tests may be required to determine eligibility