Current Studies

Title: JAB02 - Repurposing allopurinol as a novel anti-inflammatory treatment for persistent allergic asthma

Description: We know that allopurinol, a medicine normally used to prevent gout, has anti-inflammatory properties. Animal and cell research has shown that allopurinol can help prevent narrowing of the breathing tubes. This trial is studying the effects of the drug allopurinol on controlling the hypersensitivity or “twitchiness” of the airways in asthmatics

Entry Requirement:  

  • males or females aged 18-65 with asthma

Title: MART-1 LIKE 

Description: The study is comparing how well 2 commonly prescribed asthma medicines taken together from 2 different types of inhalers relieve asthma symptoms. One of the inhalers that will be used to deliver the study drugs (NEXThaler®) is especially designed for greater ease of use by patients with breathing problems such as asthma. The other inhaler which will be used to deliver the same study drugs is a pressurised metered dose inhaler, i.e. pMDI.

During the study, you’ll inhale methacholine to help imitate some of the symptoms of an asthma attack (such as narrowing of the airways). We will then compare how effective each inhaler is at delivering the medicine and providing relief of those symptoms.

Entry Requirement:  

  • males or females aged 18-60 with asthma
  • currently on a low-medium dose of a preventer inhaler (with or without a reliever)

Title: MAN05 - Effects of ultra-long acting bronchodilator therapy assessed by impulse oscillometry in smoking asthmatics taking inhaled corticosteroids

Description:  Cigarette smoking in asthma is associated with poorer asthma control and a higher frequency of asthma attacks. Asthma in smokers is particularly challenging to manage because it is resistant to the beneficial effects of inhaled corticosteroids, the main treatment for asthma. In view of the above, we propose to assess the effects of two different types of bronchodilators i.e. inhalers which help open up the airways, in asthmatics who continue to smoke.

Entry Requirement:  

  • Current smoker
  • Male or female aged 18-65, with asthma but not COPD

Title: MAN06 - Proof of concept study to assess downstream effects of using combined intranasal fluticasone propionate plus azelastine nasal spray on asthmatic inflammation in patients with persistent asthma and allergic rhinitis.

Description:  Since most breathing is through the nose, we think that improving nasal stuffiness in people with allergic rhinitis and asthma, will in fact improve asthma control. This study tests standard asthma treatment and a dummy nasal spray, against standard asthma treatment and a steroid with antihistamine nasal spray.

Entry Requirement:  

  • 18 years and above, no upper age limit
  • Asthma and allergic rhinitis

Title: CPET1 Chronic beta-blockade and cardiopulmonary exercise in COPD

Description:  We are assessing if beta blockers (drugs that slow the heart rate down) will improve exercise capacity in people with COPD and also how the beta blockers affect breathing tests. We know beta blockers help heart problems, since the heart and lungs are closely connected, we believe there will be benefit in COPD also.

Entry Requirement:  

  • COPD age 40-80, with a previous or current smoking history

Title: ANDA3 Targeted small airway therapy in persistent asthma.

Description:  We think that inhalers which dispense smaller particles of their medicine reach the lower parts of the lung better. In this study we compare an inhaler dispensing small particles of medicine versus an inhaler dispensing large particles of medicine, to see which is better on various breathing tests and asthma control.

Entry Requirement:  

  • Male/female age 18-65 with asthma